The world is becoming more and more ethnically and racially diverse, yet there are still issues and challenges that exist within the cultural world of business. 


The gaps of promotional cultural incompetence are on a worldwide spectrum. Because of this, advocates are campaigning to make cultural diversity a natural progression and CQ Consultants aim to answer your question ‘why is cultural competence important?’ by analysing your business and coaching you through to competent practice.

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Twenty years ago the internet was 33% of users from the US, while 1.5% of the world’s population was online and now it has completely changed!

Data shows that businesses that have a global mindset for a competitive advantage over companies with those with a narrow target. However, this makes sense if you consider the shifting demographics in the workplace.

Assessing why is cultural competence important?

There are 7 essential pf workplace cultural competence, these are; values, norms, traditions that affect the way a member of a group would usually perceive, think, interact, behave and judge. These all affect perceptions of time which will impact a businesses’ day by day schedule and deadlines.

With CQ consultants, you can develop cultural competence which results positively as your business will be able to communicate and work well with anyone from various cultures.

Doing this effectively takes training, self-awareness, and understanding of an individual’s bias and culture view of the world.

The Cultural Inclusive World Is Wide Open!

Cultures are complex and fluid so determining your businesses’ cultural competence requires understanding from someone on the outside. You can’t determine how your employees work with various people from cultural, age, ethnicity, and religious differences.

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