International Business Development

International Business Development

Are you looking for a consultant for your business relations?

We can help here at CQ Consultants!

Here at CQ Consultants we can help with your International business development as we are experts when it comes to cross cultural relationships. We’re here to help you utilise knowledge and streamline your business strategy to deliver fantastic business growth.

About Us

Here at CQ Consultants, we envision a world where international business development for businesses across the globe becomes the norm. We want different business cultures to interact with ease allowing for streamlined processes and a new, routine way of life.

We see a world where crossing boundaries, both in business and culturally becomes the norm allowing for ultimate business growth. We truly believe that this will lead humanity and business towards a better future for all.

We are proud to have over 20 years experience working in international business development with business professionals from over 100 different nationalities.

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VA demonstrate great professionalism, competence and completely dedicate to the community needs and delivered solutions and results

Pierre Allain Gentil

President, Ville de Delemont, Switzerland

Diversity And Inclusion Programs

What We Do

Ultimately, we help businesses understand different cultures allowing for international business development. Through strategy and planning, it allows for you and your business to gain that edge over competitors.

We help you to explore and create an awareness surrounding the diversity in business which will only lead to more streamlined business and better negotiations.

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If you are looking to work on your international business development and allow your business to grow in a more competitive manor, then get in touch with us today!

We give you the tools you need to understand the ever-changing cultural world that we live in to help grow and diversify your business.

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” A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move towards higher levels” – Albert Einstein

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