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Welcome to CQ Consultant; London’s best cultural intelligence business expert. We can help you unlock your business’ power of being understood! Here at CQ Consultant, we work closely with you to provide your business with hassle-free business expertise in London.

Our goal is to continuously avoid misunderstandings and build bridges through the power of being understood by your business and by the many cultures that build London. We do this by providing you with the tools and the training that you need to build Cultural Intelligence (CQ).

Having the ability to relate and work effectively with people from different nationalities, ethnicities, age groups and more. Cultural intelligence (CQ) measures your capability to relate and work in culturally diverse situations. This is a form of intelligence that has been tried and tested by academics in over90 countries for over 20 years!

As a business expert in London, we are aware of how very important it is to be culturally intelligent in London. Being able to work effectively with a culturally diverse population means that you are ahead of a lot of your competitors. 

Diversity Is Everywhere

The greatest benefit of cultural intelligence that it provides you with a strategy and set of skills for how to relate ad work well across a range of cultural differences in your home country and abroad. 

As business experts in London and culturally intellectual experts in London means that we can train you to also being able to work well with different generations, ethnicities, functions, organizations, regions, and more.

Call CQ Consultant on +44 780 374 7544 or email us at violeta@cqconsultant.com today and become a culturally competent business expert in London today! 

CQ Consultant

CQ Drive

What confidence and motivation do you have for an intercultural assignment?

CQ Consultant

cq knowledge

What information systems, value, and beliefs do you need to understand?

CQ Consultant

cq strategy

What can you do to increase your awareness and assumption about another culture?

CQ Consultant

cq action

What you need to change about your behaviour and communication skills to increase your effectiveness and productivity while working in international team ?

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